Highway 16 Construction

Washington State has been mandated by the Federal Government to improve fish culvert/passageways restricted by State highways.

Anderson Creek runs under Highway 16 (SR16) and 166 (SR166) and has been targeted for correction this year. Environmental constraints limit the time frame in which this work can be completed. The weather and “fish window” are two considerations.

The work will be completed in three phases. Each phase will replace a third of the existing culverts and result in a third of traffic flow being diverted or interrupted.

Phase 1 calls for the replacement of the middle section of the culvert designated as Culvert #2. This results in State Route 166, from the construction site to Port Orchard Blvd, to be open to local traffic only. Access to all the businesses along this stretch of SR 166 and Bay Street will remain open. No traffic can move into or out of Port Orchard along a selected stretch of SR 166.

Phase 1 is expected to last 4-6 weeks. Phase 1 has just begun on June 14, 2016. Keep checking back here for an update.

culvert 2


Phase 2 included the replacement of northern culvert, next to Sinclair Inlet, designated as culvert #2. This will result in a shift of Westbound SR 16 (going to Bremerton) onto the Westbound portion of SR 166. Eastbound SR 166 will be open allowing traffic to flow into Downtown Port Orchard.

Phase 2 is expected to last 4-6 weeks. Keep checking back here for an update.

Culvert 1

Phase 3 is a little complicated. Phase 3 calls for the replacement of culvert #3, the section furthest from Sinclair Inlet.  Westbound 16 (going to Bremerton) will be open. Eastbound 16 (going to Tacoma) will be reduced to 2 lanes, one of which leads to Port Orchard (SR 166) and one to Tacoma.  SR 166 will be open both directions into and out of Downtown Port Orchard during Phase 3.

Phase 3 is expected to last 8 weeks. Keep checking back here for an update.

culvert 3_2

Reduced speed limits and lane redirections may cause bottlenecks and distractions. Please be careful when traveling through the area and give yourself extra time to get where you are going.

Additional information can by found on the Official State Department of Transportation website Here.